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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the information you need below? We're here to assist with general customer service questions from 7am-1am Eastern Standard Time (est). You can contact us at (833) 221-8865 or send an e-mail to customersupport@mytickettracker.com.

About Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com

General Questions about the site.

What does it mean by "we are an online marketplace, not a venue or box office?"

Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com does not have any direct affiliation with venues or box offices - the Primary marketplace. Our website is an online Secondary Ticket Marketplace where ticketing companies, who are licensed and/or registered in the states they operate, are listing their tickets through our site for resale. In many cases, however, these sellers receive their allotment of tickets directly from the Primary market.

Does that mean Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com is a safe and legitimate website?

Absolutely. When you buy tickets using Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com, these are tickets being sold by reputable, established ticket selling companies. These sellers get their tickets from various sources such as the venues, event promoters, or even the performers and teams - people and places you already trust.

Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com is also protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the industry standard in security technology protecting online transactions. This creates a secure connection between the web server and your browser so private information stays private.

If you choose to order over the phone, all of our call center representatives also strictly abide by Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliancy, just like our website, and will make sure that any private and secure information given over the phone is never shared.

For more information on Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com's security features, please check out the Security page, or click on the "Secure Site" logo on any page.

What guarantee do I have that my order is secure?

There is a guarantee in place to make sure your order is secured for your event. Once the order has been Accepted, it is guaranteed:

-To arrive on time for the event, regardless of the delivery method used.
-To be the tickets in the section and row you ordered.
-To be real, valid tickets and allow you entry.

Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com also has a Money Back Guarantee for unplanned situations such as if the event is cancelled with no reschedule date or if your order doesn't arrive on time for the event, as well as other rare circumstances.

For more information on Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com's guarantee, please visit the Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com Guarantee page.

So what's the advantage of ordering from Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com?

Customers who order from Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com come to find that we're usually a cheaper alternative than other Secondary Market sites out there - as seen throughout the site. Anybody can go and purchase through the site to save!

Choosing Your Tickets

Questions about pricing, listings, and tickets in general.

How will I get my tickets and what does that delivery method mean?

There are a wide variety of delivery methods used to get tickets out to our customers. To see what is available, you'll have to go to the checkout page where there are two dropdown boxes, one for "Deliver To" and one for "Delivery Method."

Once the "Deliver To" is set, you can pick through all options available for that ticket selection in the "Delivery Method" drop down box. If only one option is listed, then that is the only option available to that listing.

There will be a description of the method chosen right below the "Delivery Method" box. If you wish, you can also click HERE to see descriptions regarding those methods as well.

Why can't I see seat numbers on the site?

You'll see section and row numbers listed on the ticket listings on Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com, but individual seat numbers are not listed. Here's why:

Numerous people are buying tickets listed on Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com at any given time. If each individual seat was listed specifically, multiple people would be trying to buy the exact same seats at the exact same time. That would lead to more rejected orders, and it would make buying tickets really frustrating.

This method of listing tickets without specific seat numbers also allows sellers to distribute tickets efficiently according to available space and the number of tickets each person has ordered.

Having the site set this way also halts any potential duplications. By keeping the seat number anonymous, it prevents would-be plagiarists from taking any ticket selection on site and invalidating them through photo-manipulation programs. This helps ensure you are purchasing real, one-of-a-kind tickets.

Will my seats be together and/or have nothing blocking my view?

As a general rule, all tickets on our website are guaranteed Side-by-Side together and have a clear, unobstructed view of the performances. Now there are times where that may not be the case. Below are common notes that the seller must list if it happens to be any sort of discrepancy with the seats.

"These tickets are printed as a Side Stage"

The tickets will be located to left or right side of the stage. You may be seeing the performer from the side for the majority of the show.

"These tickets are printed as a Behind the Stage"

The tickets will be a little or completely behind the stage itself. It'll be a rear view and the performer may be facing away form you the majority of the show. Most of the action will be partially blocked due to performance configuration.

"These tickets are an Obstructed or Partial view"

The tickets may have something that will block part or most of the stage or performance area. This can be anything from venue architecture to stage obstructions.

"These tickets are listed as ROW/ROW"

The two rows are usually one in front of the other, having the seats as "piggybacks". So you won't be next to your companion, but in front or behind them directly.

What if I'm looking for a specific or specialty seat, can I get that?

Since we are a secondary ticket market, we never have the ability to have seat numbers listed on site. Now, just like with any obstructions, there are specialty notations to designate specialty seats that are needed.

"These tickets are guaranteed on the aisle with the purchase of the entire group"

The list of seats here will have one ticket guaranteed as the first seat off the aisle. However, all tickets must be bought. If only some are purchased, tickets will be given starting from the inside of the aisle on out.

"These tickets are ADA accessible seats"

The tickets purchased will allow customers who have a wheelchair to sit at this location. In many cases, a fold out chair is sold next to the ADA seat for a chaperone.

"These tickets are an located on the Home/Visitor's team side"

In some cases the map may not list were the Home or Visitor team is located, but the tickets will have that designation listed to help with selection.

"These tickets are listed Standing Room Only"

Any area designated as Standing Room Only (SRO) doesn't have assigned seating. These would be General Admission (GA) areas when you can place yourself wherever you wish, but will be standing.

What are Zone tickets?

Also known as "Flex Tickets", zone ticketing is a European system of dividing up seating in a venue into sections called "zones," based on varying criteria. Zones span multiple rows, and in some cases even sections, as designated in the ticket note. While you cannot pick the exact row you'll be in that area, it's usually a cheaper alternative in getting into your favorite area as long as you're flexible in sitting in any row that would be available. All Zone tickets still guarantee to be together and free of obstructions unless noted otherwise.

Why can't I purchase X number of tickets out of X quantity of tickets?

The different ticket groups you see listed on Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com are being sold by different sellers, each of whom may have a different number of tickets to offer for your event. Sellers usually don't want to be left with one single ticket, so depending on the quantity they have, they sometimes only offer certain groupings of tickets to avoid ending up with one left over.

If you need a large number of tickets and you can't find one set of tickets that meets your needs, you might want to consider purchasing multiple sets of tickets to get the number you need. This can get a little tricky, because it means two separate orders, which may mean two different sellers, two different estimated delivery dates, etc. - but if you need help, you can always give us a call at (833) 221-8865 and we can help you through the whole process. And of course, whether your purchase is made in two orders or one, our guarantees apply.

Why are tickets in similar areas priced so differently?

The Tickets listed on Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com are being sold by various ticket selling companies and each seller sets their own prices based on what they think is a reasonable price given for the ticket. This is what's known as "Market Value" - which is based on supply and demand. Since different sellers have different ideas on how to best price their tickets, you'll see listings in the same section with varying prices.

Can I combine shipping on multiple orders?

In general, it's unlikely that you will be able to combine shipping on multiple orders, since the odds are that multiple orders will originate from two different sellers who list on our exchange. If, after you make your purchase, you learn that both sets of tickets are being offered by the same seller, you can get in touch with the seller directly to see if they would be willing to combine the shipment or waive a delivery fee.

Do prices go up or down as the event gets closer?

Tickets listed on Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com are priced by various independent sellers, who may adjust their prices as events get closer depending on the demand for tickets to a given event. There's no way to predict, with certainty, what the ticket prices for a given event will do as the event date nears. However, there will be fewer tickets to choose from the closer the event gets, so you should definitely factor that into your decision on when to buy!

Does Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com offer discounts?

There are times where some special deals or events come up and codes are given out as a promotion. These are usually distributed on site or through e-mail.

Sometimes other websites will post once-legitimate discount codes that were authorized by Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com but may not work anymore. Be wary of scammers posting bogus coupons on other sites. Legitimate coupons for Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com will never claim that discounts will 'be automatically applied' as discount and needs to be entered at checkout.

If you have any questions about whether a coupon is legitimate or not, feel free to contact us at (833) 221-8865.

Post-Purchase Questions

Support after the order process is complete.

I got a print out shipped to me, how come I didn't get "hard" tickets?

Unless the ticket group is specifically noted by the seller as being "hard" or cardstock-style tickets, we can't guarantee that any particular set of tickets will be hard tickets.

This happens when the seller of your tickets received them in email format from the primary ticket source from which the tickets were purchased. If this is the case, and you selected a FedEx style delivery, then the seller prints out the emailed ticket and sends it to you. The chances for a print out increase if an "e-ticket" is also a delivery option for the tickets you're requesting.

These tickets are just as valid as any other ticket, and will grant you access to the event.

Why is there a different Name/Price/ID on my ticket?

Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com is secondary marketplace, so the tickets listed on the site are being resold and will have the original purchase information on them. So while that personal information on the ticket will not be yours, it will not prevent you from attending the event, as all tickets are 100% transferable.

The Name would be of the original purchaser, which is a representative from the ticket selling company whom listed their tickets on the website.

The Price is the Face Value, what the ticket was originally priced for from the venue. This price can above or below the actual price paid due to Market Value on the site.

The ID is the purchase identification number that was issued from the venue to the seller representative for that initial transaction.

We do advise that if you see a different Section and Row Number on your ticket to call into our offices at (833) 221-8865, to double-check there is nothing wrong with your order.

When will my tickets be shipped?

Tickets will be shipped when available. Most orders are shipped the same business day and delivered within 3 business days, but in some cases your tickets may have an estimated ship date and take longer to receive.

After your order is completed, you'll receive the information you'll need to view the status of your order, as well as tracking information if it's available. If tracking information is not available, you can contact the seller of your tickets to ask for an estimated delivery date, using the contact information you were given after your order is completed.

Although tickets are not guaranteed to ship immediately, they are guaranteed to be shipped in time for you to get them before your event date. In the unlikely event that the seller ships the tickets too late for them to arrive in time for the event, you are eligible to receive 100% of your money back according to Events.AmericanForcesTravel.com's 100% Money-Back Guarantee .

How can I track my ticket package?

You can track your package using the FedEx number that you'll receive in an email after you purchase your tickets. Once you have the FedEx number, simply go to the FedEx website, enter your number in the "Track a Shipment" section of their homepage, and press the "Track" button.

Will a signature be required for my ticket package?

The seller of your tickets determines whether or not to require a signature for delivery; many do, since tickets are valuable, one-of-a-kind items, and requiring a signature helps ensure that the tickets get to the right person.

If signing for the package is a problem, you can contact the seller directly to see if they are willing to waive the requirement, or you can contact FedEx to make other arrangements such as holding the tickets at their facility.

Can I cancel my ticket order?

All orders are final; there are no refunds, cancellations, or exchanges. Once the order has been Accepted, there is no way of revoking the order, regardless of the time-frame it was placed. The sellers who list tickets on our online exchange are not able to cancel orders for refunds. Because of the uniquely time-sensitive nature of tickets, they can't be readily returned and resold like other merchandise.

What happens if my event becomes postponed or cancelled?

If your event is cancelled entirely, with no rescheduled date, you should contact your seller directly for a 100% refund (excluding shipping fees). Please note that you may be required to return the tickets to the seller in order to obtain a refund.

If your event is rescheduled, or postponed, your tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date. There will be no need to purchase new tickets and anything previously printed will still be valid.

What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

In general, tickets are one-of-a-kind and should be considered to be irreplaceable. So we strongly urge customers to take good care of their tickets - When you know you'll be getting tickets delivered, double check that pile of junk mail before you throw it out! Once you've received your tickets, be sure to keep them in a safe, secure place where they won't be at risk of getting lost, damaged, or stolen.

If your tickets are lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can contact your ticket seller to see if it's possible for them to provide replacements. It's by no means certain that this will be an option, but it can't hurt to check. Please be aware that sellers may charge fees for replacing tickets.

What should I do if I'm having trouble reaching my seller?

The sellers who list tickets on our exchange are required to respond to customer concerns, but they may not be available outside of regular business hours. If contacted after their normal business hours, they may not respond until the next business day. However, if you've given the seller at least 24 hours to respond, and have made several attempts to contact your seller within normal business hours without success, feel free to contact us at (833) 221-8865 and we will see what we can do to help you!